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Almond nano leaves 25 per pack, Catappa Leaves

Almond nano leaves 25 per pack, Catappa Leaves

  • Natural Preservation: Our Indians Almond Leaves can be stored for a long time, providing a natural way to preserve your aquarium or pond. After washed, boiled, and sun-dried, these Catappa leaves have long preservation time.


  • Balance pH: Adjusts the pH of the water and supplements minerals, These natural Catappa leaves creating a natural environment for fish and promoting their health.


  • Create a stealthy environment: By providing different ways to scatter light and softening it in the aquarium, it helps create a private space where your aquatic pets can feel safe and secure.
  • Easy to Replace: Indians Almond Leaves are versatile and can be boiled or cut into small pieces after a period of use. Straight into your tank, they make regular replacement and cleaning of leaves in fish tanks a breeze.


  • Widely use: Suitable for a variety of aquatic animals, such as catfish, betta, shrimp and turtles, as well as reptiles like snakes, lizards and frogs, Indians Almond Leaves provide a natural nest pad for your pets. Catappa Almond Leaves are natural and provide a clean and safe environment for your betta fish. These leaves are known to adjust the pH of water and soften the light in your aquarium. Simply boil in water for a minute before adding to your tank. Give your betta fish the best environment possible!


Pros & Cons of Using Indian Almond Leaves in Aquariums

Before we get into the details of how and why you should give Indian almond leaves a shot, let’s take a quick look at some of the pros and cons of using Indian almond leaves.


Lowers pH levels

Creates a dark environment for blackwater fish to breed

Have antibacterial and antifungal properties

Helps induce breeding

Can be used as a food source for fry or small fish


The brownish color may make your aquarium look less appealing (however some people love this natural look)

Can be bad for fish that prefer high pH levels or hard water


How Many Indian Almond Leaves to Use?

As a general rule of thumb, you should use 1 medium-sized Indian almond leaf for every 10 gallons of water. Just make sure that you remove any Purigen or activated carbon from your filter because these elements can make Indian almond leaves less effective.

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