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Hemianthus Micranthemoides, Pearl Grass

Hemianthus Micranthemoides, Pearl Grass

SKU: Hemianthus

I will send you 15 strands of Pearl Grass. Plants can be different in shape and size. (5 - 8cm)

Hemianthus Micranthemoides, Pearl Grass


Pearl grass is a versatile plant that's highly recommended for virtually any planted tank with sufficient lighting. It's an ideal background plant in smaller tanks where the small leaves help create an illusion of greater tank size, and it's also a great selection for foreground highlights, filler, and contrast in larger tanks. Under brighter light the plant is encouraged to send off horizontal creepers with numerous side shoots that develop at the internodes. In time, a beautiful, thick, bushy cushion of green is created. Under less light or shaded areas, the stems tend to grow more upright with fewer side shoots. Pearl grass also responds extremely well to trimming, soon forming new shoots near the end of the cut stem. Cuttings themselves are also amazingly persistent, taking root and forming a new plant even with only a couple centimeters of stem to work with. In Eastern-style aquariums one can take advantage of its natural tendency to produce creepers and side shoots, and in Dutch-style tanks that emphasize a more manicured look, pearl grass's suitability to frequent trimming also makes it an ideal choice. Whether your tank is a natural-style aquarium, a garden-style aquarium, or anything in between, I highly recommend this beautiful and versatile plant. The only requisites for good growth are relatively bright lighting (around 4 Watts/liter) and the avoidance of certain medications, which may cause it to exhibit somewhat stunted growth with browning leaf tips or to melt away completely.


Origin - North America

Growth Rate - Medium

Height - 5-15+cm

Light Demand - Medium

CO2 - Medium

During the shipment, plant leaves/moss may incur a little defect, such as droop or flat. 
However, please don't worry about these conditions, in a suitable environment for plant living, plants/moss will be back to the normal status.
Plants/moss may contain snails.
Moss will be delivered in seal bag.



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