SALTYBEE DS Pure Hokkaido Pumpkin 50g

SALTYBEE DS Pure Hokkaido Pumpkin 50g

SALTYBEE DS Pure Pumpkin Hokkaido 50g


DS Pure Line Hokkaido is a natural food for prawns of high quality in the form of a stick and contains, among other things, the important supply of trace elements de aquarium prawns, crabs and snails.


Characteristics of SALTYBEE DS Pure Hokkaido Pumpkin


Hokkaido is a good choice for dwarf prawns and crayfish to keep the balance of vitamins and trace elements. Hokkaido contains the important vitamins A and C. The stick can easily be divided into small groups of shrimp, crayfish or snails by breaking the sticks.

The sticks consist of 100% Hokkaido, which was carefully harvested and processed in Germany. In this way, its trace elements and vitamins are preserved for our prawns, crabs and snails.

Recommended dose: bar of 0,5 cm per day for 10-20 prawns. Do not scald the stick. The bag must
close again immediately after use.
Feeding recommendation: 0,5 cm of stick daily for 10-20 prawns. Do not blanch the food. Close the bag after
use it immediately.

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