SaltyBee gH/kH+ Premium 175g

SaltyBee gH/kH+ Premium 175g

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SaltyBee gH/kH+ Premium


Functional water conditioner especially for freshwater shrimp. absolutely unique for the remineralization of de-ionized water


SaltyBee gH/kH+ Premium

- Increased in ratio dGH°/kH of appr 2/1, does not change the ph value scarcely

- highly efficient thanks to the use of hydrate-free highly purified salts only

- does not contain nitrate or phosphate

- contains all the important and essential trace elements and minerals

- dissolves easily and almost without residue

- does not influence the pH

- prolongs the useful life of the biological system within the aquarium

- stimulates moderate plant growth

- has a stunting effect on algae growth



SaltyBee gH/kH+ Premium

- alkaline earths, forming the total hardness

- a natural ratio of calcium and magnesium, increasing the total hardness and the conductivity

- potassium, for healthy yet moderate plant growth

- micronutrients, enhancing the microbial activity and improve plant growth at a moderate speed

- iodine

- phosphate-eliminating components, reducing algae-boosting silicates and phosphates - organic carbon sources, enhancing the activity of the microbes and reducing nitrogen and phosphate as they boost the biomass formed by the plants

- an antioxidative free radical neutralizer, minimizing the danger brought about by aggressive hydrate-free salts, making the water usable right away, stabilizing functional groups that are susceptible to oxidation, complexing metallic ions and enhancing their biological availability (e.g. bivalent iron) for the microbiology and as plant nutrients

- a complex mixture of organic and synthetic chelators, protecting trace elements from oxidation and binding to heavy metals like copper, lead, zinc, and so on

- stable oxygen-giving salts, constantly supplying the substrate and the biofilms with oxygen, reducing the formation of detritus, increasing the remineralization of feces and food rests, containing 24 essential and potentially essential trace elements, boosting the microbial activity and the regeneration of biofilms

- natural components, containing 75 potentially active substances, including vitamins, enzymes, minerals, sugar, lignin and saponin, furthering the healing of wounds and with anti-inflammatory properties.

- probiotic bacteria, enhancing physiological processes, improving the water quality, boosting the health of the animals in the tank, especially that of baby shrimp, repressing pathogens

- successfully tested against: Vibrio spp., Aeromonas spp., Streptococcus iniae, Edwardsiella sp., Pseudomonas, spp., Listonella anguillarum, Streptococcus spp

- remineralizing bacteria, for a microbiological balance, increasing the remineralization rate of organic waste like feces, food rests and dead plant parts, reducing ammonium and nitrate, breaking down protein compounds, enhancing the breakdown process of difficult-to-process substances like fats from leftover food, reducing the amount of water that needs to be changes, making the water crystal clear

- nitrogen-oxidizing bacteria, removing ammonium/ammonia and nitrite

- sublime enhancement of the development of bacteria inside the biofilms


Dosage and use of SaltyBee gH/kH+ Premium Recommendation:

One of the most frequent problems in the aquarium hobby is rooted in the combination of products that are not fine-tuned to each other. Especially chemical chelators can cause problems, as can copper or other metallic trace elements or various additives that may react with the components in SaltyBee gH/kH+ Premium, with possibly dire consequences. SaltyBee gH/kH+ Premium has been designed for a regular weekly water change of 10-20%. This will bring the components back to the right levels that were used by plants, bacteria and animals or that underwent biochemical, electrochemical and physical processes that modified their properties so that they are no longer available. With smaller water changes, the concentration would constantly decrease, with larger ones it would rise too much. After a new set up of a tank we recommend a running-in period of 2-3 weeks. Do not combine with products from other brands, especially not with products that contain bacteria or fertilizers, if we do not expressly recommend this combination. The target concentration cannot be guaranteed if you change less water than recommended on a regular basis and do not add more salt. When more water than recommended is changed on a regular basis the target concentration will be exceeded. Should you not have changed water for a longer period of time you still will not need to change more water than recommended. Important: We definitely advise against mixing the SaltyBee products with salts from other brands as we cannot fully exclude that the micronutrients contained in the SaltyBee salts are impaired by adverse reactions. 1.8g per 10 liters of de-ionized water will have: a total hardness of around 5-6 °dH a conductivity of around 250 µS/cm Please mix the fresh water and the salt outside of the aquarium add the undissolved salt particles to your tank this salt mixture has a high hygroscopicity, and the quality of the salt may deteriorate significantly if the containers are not closed tightly directly after use


Available sizes:

175g (sufficient for around 1,000 l of aquarium water)

550g (sufficient for around 3,100 l of aquarium water)