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SaltyBee Montmorillonit - Ultra White 80g

SaltyBee Montmorillonit - Ultra White 80g

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SaltyBee Montmorillonit - Ultra White 80g


Montmorillonite Ultra White Powder

The mineral water additive is used to improve water and as a natural ion exchanger for aquariums and garden ponds.

It is a natural silicate that dries gently and without chemical additives, it has an effect on shrimp, crabs and aquarium fish.

High quality natural calcium bentonite contains about 95% montmorillonite as a very fine powder. The so-called Monte is ideal for aquaristic water treatment. It binds nutrients that promote algae formation, binds harmful heavy metals, and ensures clear aquarium water in which it binds to suspended particles.

Montmorillonite stabilizes the pH in the neutral range and ensures better long-term water quality. It can support digestion and nutrient absorption of fish and invertebrates and has an antibacterial effect.

Application: Sprinkle in the aquarium or mix with a small amount of aquarium water beforehand. It is best to add montmorillonite to the stream for better distribution. After adding it the parts will be visible in the substrate and decoration, this is completely normal and will gradually dissolve A temporary whitish cloudiness in the pelvis occurs temporarily, this happens and is normal

Dosage:  When changing the water: 1 measuring spoon for 20 liters of water. Half a tablespoon can be added daily to contaminants in aquariums.

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