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Shirakura – Mineral Stones, approx. 5 - 6 pcs.

Shirakura – Mineral Stones, approx. 5 - 6 pcs.

SKU: ShirakuraSt

ShirakuraMineral Stone, 200 g


Shirakura Mineral Stone is a dilative clay mineral stone and mainly consists of montmorillonite. It enriches the aquarium water with vital minerals and acts as a natural ion exchanger that cleans the water. Due to its very high ion exchanging capacity it binds to toxins like ammonium/ammonia and heavy metals for a long time and keeps them safe, thus rendering them harmless for shrimp.

In the beginning, Mineral Stones will apparently dissolve in the water. Of course they do not dissolve, they just swell, which is important for binding and storing toxins in the intermediate layers and for adsorption to the clay mineral

For health, vitality, intense colors and for avioiding moulting problems, a good level of minerals in the aquarium water and fast absorption of potential toxins is crucial. This is especially true when naturally very soft water is used or if you have an active substrate in your aquarium, which softens the water. This may lead to mineral deficiencies after a very short time. Japanese shrimp breeders like Takayuki Shirakura are convinced of the positive effects of these mineral stones, and they use them in their breeding rooms.

Immerse in water for a few seconds, let drip off for a few minutes. Repeat four times before putting the stones in your aquarium in order to prevent them from breaking apart.

Add around 200 g of Mineral Stone per 100 l of aquarium water. Simply place in your tank. Replace after around 6 months. A higher dosage does not do any harm to your shrimp. If the mineral stone is overgrown with algae, take it out of the tank and carefully remove the algae with a soft brush. After that, just place it in your tank once again.

Content: 200 g (around 5 - 7 pcs.)

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