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Shirakura Red Bee Sand, Active Soil, Substrate

Shirakura Red Bee Sand, Active Soil, Substrate

Shirakura Red Bee Sand, 4 kg


Shirakura Red Bee Sand is a soil substrate made of different burnt earths that is specially adapted to the needs of bee shrimp both for keeping and breeding purposes.

The safe soil substrate contains no fertiliser additives and creates optimal conditions for breeding by ensuring the desired stabilisation of the water values (water hardness and pH). The porous structure of the black-brown soil substrate offers the ideal home for a variety of beneficial microorganisms which are particularly necessary for the development of baby shrimp. In combination with bottom filters, the Shirakura substrate ensures optimal results in terms of water quality, promotes biological purification and weakens uncontrolled algae growth.


How to use:

Do not rinse the substrate before use. Add the substrate to the aquarium to a height of at least 4cm. You can then start setting up your aquarium.


The perfect water values are extremely important for breeding bee shrimp. The set pH value of the Red Bee soil substrate is 6.5 +/- 0.3. The desired values are:

  • Carbonate hardness 0-2
  • pH below 7

If the total hardness in the aquarium is below 5, you can raise the values a little with Shirakura Liquid Mineral Ca+ to avoid moulting problems.


Our expert Oliver Knott recommends:

This soil substrate was developed, improved and finally approved by the internationally renowned shrimp breeder from Japan, Takayuki Shirakura. His many years of experience are reflected in the Shirakura line of products that are made with the highest quality minerals and ingredients.

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