Shirakura – White Mineral Powder, Glass bottle

Shirakura – White Mineral Powder, Glass bottle

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ShirakuraWhite Mineral Powder, 8 g


Shirakura White Mineral Powder is a water conditioner containing various substances that can have a positive effect on the health and the color intensity of shrimp, e.g. calcium carbonate, which prevents molting problems and lays the basis for a good development of the shell, proteins that bring out a brilliant, pure white color in Bee Shrimp, and the natural colorant astaxanthin originating from an algae and with the potential to improve the intensity of the red parts of Red Bee Shrimp, as well as various minerals, vitamins and trace elements. This water conditioning powder also caters to the beneficial microorganisms living in the substrate and thus improves the living conditions in the aquarium. These microorganisms are of special importance for baby shrimp - only if they find them in sufficient amounts from the beginning, will they be able to build their color cells optimally and be intensely and fully colored when adult.

Sprinkle a level dosing spoon* of  White Mineral Powder per 60 litres onto the water surface of the tank every three to four days. The fine particles will start to sink after a short time and will supply the beneficial microorganisms and substrate bacteria with everything they need. Adapt your dosage to the requirements of your aquarium.

Content: 8 g (glass bottle), *dosing spoon included