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Shrimps Forever Shrimp Lolly Protein

Shrimps Forever Shrimp Lolly Protein

Shrimps forever shrimp lolly Protein


Shrimps forever shrimp lollipop Proteïn are THE healthy snacks for shrimp. Proteins are the buiding blocks of all living cells and always ensure that your shrimp can grow properly and healthy. As a result mortality and malformation of the shrimp are counteracted.

The protein shrimp lollipops contain especially vegetable proteins and in a small amount animal proteins. The composition is based on what the shrimp normally find in their natural habitat so that they can be sure of  finding the right quantities of food. The proteins are mixed with 100% herbal products and processed into a shrimp lollipop. 

The protein lollipops are a healthy and responsible snack to feed as additional food for your shrimp. A nice extra feature is that all shrimp gather on the lollipop and you than can make very nice pictures. 


Herbal and animal proteins, plant nutrition.


Use this as additional shrimp food. Approximately 1 lollipop per 50 shrimp. You can give a lollipop 1-2 times a week. It can remain in the aquarium until the food share has been eaten of the lollipop.

Content: 10 pieces (15 grams of food)

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