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Algae Snail Food (Omnivore)

Algae Snail Food (Omnivore)

Shrimps Forever Algae Snail (omnivore)


Shrimps Forever Algae Snail (omnivorous) is specially composed for snails that eat plant and light animal matter. This applies to the most common ornamental snails such as the Pomacea bridgesii, Ramshorn, Neritina natalensis, Clithon sp., etc. Shrimps Forever Algae Snail (omnivorous) is a complete feed and contains all the essential nutrients and minerals that the snails need on a daily basis.


Shrimps Forever Algae Snail (omnivorous) is composed on the basics of the natural diet of the snails and thus stimulates natural eating behavior. The food is made from 100% natural ingredients that have been selected with the greatest care. This ensures optimal health, growth, coloration and reproduction in the snails.

This food is available in the sticks and powder type. The stick type is widely used in aquariums with mainly adult snails and can be dosed in a targeted manner. The powder type widely spreads through the entire aquarium and is therefore easily available for small/young snails.



Feed as much as the snails eat in about 2 hours. The food is also eaten by other inhabitants such as shrimp, but this is not a problem at all.


Content: available in 30 grams sticks.

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