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Takayuki Shirakura is one of the best known and most successful breeders of bee shrimps from Japan. His animals belong to the most beautiful and most popular shrimps which for years have been raising extremely high prices in auctions. Especially the outstanding quality of his bee shrimps' colour, but also their good health and easy breeding have made Shirakura's name a household name even outside Japan.

In order to achieve and improve the shrimps' brilliant colours and reproduction results, Takayuki Shirakura has developed his own range of products. Only thus could he meet the special requirements which his shrimps and he himself have. The different products are all part of a comprehensive concept and achieve their best results when being combined.

Mr. Shirakura's year-long experience had a great influence on the development of his products and thus he can guarantee for the high quality of all materials and ingredients used with his name. Now every shrimp fan can profit/benefit from this experience...

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