Shirakura – Chi Ebi

Shirakura – Chi Ebi

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ShirakuraChi Ebi, 20 g


Shirakura Chi Ebi - Baby Shrimp Food is a food mixture that has especially been designed for baby shrimp, containing many important nutrients baby shrimp need for healthy growth during their first weeks.

Moreover, Shirakura Chi Ebi enhances the formation of microorganisms and other small animals that are usually not visible in the tank as they live in the substrate where they live off droppings of the animals in the tank and off food rests. These organisms are an essential part of a healthy shrimp's diet, and they are of special importance for baby shrimp.


Analytical constituents
14,1% crude protein, 19,7% crude fat, 14,3% crude fibre, 10,8% crude ash, 10% moisture

60 cm tank: 1 level spoon* per day
100 cm tank: 1 heaped spoon* per day

Vary slightly depeding on how many shrimp you keep in your tank.

Content: 20 g (recloseable PE bag), *measuring spoon included