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Almond bark tube  10 per pack

Almond bark tube 10 per pack

100% Natural Dry Bark

Benefits of using Almond Bark / Catappa Bark in your shrimp tank:

Creates a natural water environment for freshwater shrimp

Enhances the natural color

Aids the molting process, greatly reducing mortality rate during this stage

Contains acids and tannins which have anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties preventing bacteria and diseases

Stimulates breeding

Relieves stress

Reduces pH

Indian Almond Bark / Catappa Bark has strong healing and anti-bacterial properties and is used in many countries for medicinal purposes, such as in Mexico for asthma, Indonesia for rheumatic pain and Brazil as a folk remedy for fever and dysentery.

Catappa Bark is more concentrated than the leaves and is a greater product for producing blackwater extract.

Bark from the Catappa tree is a great way to increase tannins in your water and to add health benefits. These dried strips of Catappa bark are great for conditioning breeding fish and adding a natural look to your aquarium. Boil the strips for about 10 minutes to get the tannin release started and add them to your tank. The benefits last for many weeks and there’s no need to withdraw them when you add more.

Plant material has demonstrated in studies that the decomposing organic materials release beneficial minerals as well as beneficial fungi and bacteria to decompose it. This organic matter is a great food for infusoria and shrimp and fish fry thrive when eating it.

Notes: Boiling the bark and letting it cool down before putting into the tank are always recommended.

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