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Banana leaves 10 per pack

Banana leaves 10 per pack

Banana leaves

A-quality banana leaves for aquarium use. At this moment these banana leaves are a little bit difficult to find and not for sale in many places. Therefore banana leaves for aquaria are not very well known yet.

However, these leaves have been used in aquriums successfuly for a long period of time. The banana leaves we sell are 100% natural, untreated and entirely manually processed. Banana leaves have disease resistant properties and even can be used for healing purposes. As time goes by the leaves decay in the aquarium. The shrimps, crustaceans and snails make optimal use of this process and eat all of the leaves. This promotes the natural feeding pattern of the animals.


Used as supplementary food for shrimps, crustaceans and snails. 1 or 2 leaves are sufficient for a lightly occupied aquarium. Replace the leaves just before the old leaves are completely decayed. To improve the breeding of the shrimps, crustaceans and fish 1 leaf per 15 liters of aquariumwater is recommended so the bottom of the aquarium is well covered with leaves. This imitates the natural enviroment of the shrimps and crustaceans.

The leaves sink after approximately 2 to 3 days and release their good substances (tannins, humic acids) for a period of 2 weeks.

Content: 10 leafs

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