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Benibachi Komb Food

Benibachi Komb Food

SKU: KombF

Shrimp Feed BENIBACHI KOMB food 45gr



Rich in nutrients and vegetable proteins, shrimp dishes composed of different KELP varieties and seaweed. 
It provides a generous portion of minerals, micronutrients, vitamins and natural nutrients that are very well accepted by shrimps. 
Thanks to its form, it is ideal for both adult and young shrimp. 
Because of its very rich and varied composition, it can be the source of the main dish or an ideal supplement for a basic diet. The high content of minerals and vitamins contributes to the moderate mineralization of water and also positively affects the growth of plants and algae.

content ..
Kelp and seaweed varieties, others.

Polysaccharides, alginic acid, laminarine, mannitol, algae fuucanoid, various minerals, amino acids, vitamins.

Please specify how many shrimp can be eaten in one day, the dose should be adapted to the size of the flock. 

Benibachi foods are made from the highest class of natural raw materials and organic vegetables from the Benibachi vegetable farm.

It does not contain 100% natural food, chemicals, pesticides and preservatives.
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