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Blue Pearl

Blue Pearl

SKU: Blue-P

Common Name: Blue Pearl Shrimp / Neocaridina Cf. Zhangjiajiensis Var.
Scientific Name: Neocaridina Cf. Zhangjiajiensis Var.
Adult Size: 3cm - 5cm
Water Temp: 65°F - 72°F
pH Range: 6.5 - 7.0
Water Hardness: 25ppm - 75ppm
Total Alkalinity: 40ppm - 120ppm
Fresh or Salt Water: Freshwater
Larval Stage: No
Difficulty: No
Behavior: Non-aggressive


The shrimps are approx. 1- 1.5 cm in size.

Shrimps will be sent by Royal Mail next day special delivery or 1st Class Signed For.

When you receive shrimps, you may find them a pale but they will get colours back, after becoming acclimatized to their new environment.

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