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Mulberry leaves nano, 10 small pieces

Mulberry leaves nano, 10 small pieces

Mulberry leaves are a real treat for shrimp, crayfish and snails in the aquarium and provide the animals with many important ingredients as supplemental food sources that contribute to well-being and the shrimp and crayfish e.g. assist in the moulting ... here especially the higher protein content and calcium.


Mulberry leaves also contain important and valuable fiber, vitamins, minerals and various trace elements for shrimp, crayfish, crabs and snails. In addition, the decomposing Mulberry leaves over time also provide an important basis for a nutritious biofilm, which is often grazed by shrimp and snails.


The Mulberry leaves initially float on the water surface, but sink relatively quickly to the ground.
Otherwise, the leaves of the Mulberry can also be good fixed e.g. with a small stone on the ground.


The Mulberry leaves can be added directly into the aquarium after a short overbrewing and little "steep / soak". Due to the relatively soft cell structure of the Mulberry leaves, it does not take too long until the shrimp and crayfish "pounce on it" ... by the way, the Mulberry leaves can be kept in the aquarium until they are completely eaten by the shrimp, crayfish, crabs and snails.


Depending on the number of shrimp or crayfish in the aquarium about 1-3 Mulberry leaves per 10 liters of aquarium water.


Content & Delivery
10 pcs. Small Mulberry leaves, green, dried in resealable zip bag.

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