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DS Pure Nannochloropsis 50g

DS Pure Nannochloropsis 50g

DS Pure Nannochloropsis 50g


Nannochloropsis for shrimp, crabs, snails and fish in the aquarium.

Nannochloropsis are true nutritional wonders. In addition to vitamins, shrimp feed also contains a high proportion of carotenoids, such as lutein and viola xanthine, which can increase the intensity of the shrimp's color.

In addition, the micro algae contain a high proportion of protein, which gives the offspring an extra boost of energy. Due to the extremely small size of only 2 microns, Nannochloropsis is ideal as an additional food for dwarf shrimp and their young.


The microalgae has not been used in aquaculture for years. Through them, you can breed various living things in both salt water and fresh water, for example

Shrimp larvae



Clams and Oysters


As with our own types of food, we attach great importance to the highest quality.

The microalgae that we offer are of course of the highest quality and quality, strictly controlled and packaged in accordance with HACCP so that we only pass on the best to you.

Nannochloropsis dose
One measuring spoon for 15 shrimp once or twice a week. Feeding recommendation: one or two tablespoons per week for 15 shrimp.

Omega 3 fatty acids Beta-carotene and zeaxanthin Proteins

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