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DS Snail AllTake 400g

DS Snail AllTake 400g

DS Snail AllTake 400g


Product Description

Snail AllTake is mainly designed by us for the needs of plants and detritus-eating freshwater snails in aquariums. We orient ourselves towards nature, because nature can still do it best. With our snail food you get the necessary nutrients and the minerals they need to build the shell. An important component of the snail food Snail AllTake is the special mixture of trace elements and vitamins. The organic vegetables, mixed with various algae, yeast and high-quality oils and fats as well as a special mixture of active and immediately bioavailable organic minerals and vitamins provide your aquarium snails with the perfect conditions to grow perfectly and a beautiful and stable housing to be able to form.


Snail AllTake contains important proteins and minerals for a problem-free housing construction and is designed to prevent housing damage that can result from a lack of minerals. The contained vitamins and fiber support a healthy digestion of the snails. Thanks to the gentle and sustainable production, all of the nutrients in the high-quality organic ingredients are retained in full and can thus benefit the animals directly.

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