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Fissidens fontanus Phoenix Moss

Fissidens fontanus Phoenix Moss

SKU: Phoenix

6 grams of Fissidens fontanus.


Fissidens Fontanus is generally dark green and will often vary in lighter or darker shades depending on how much it has aged. The younger leaves will appear light green, but change to olive green and black as they get older. Phoenix moss branches will grow up to 1 inch long and have thin, long, and sharp looking leaves. The leaves will all be attached to the stem in a very precise pattern.

 It can usually be seen growing in rivers or lakes on top of a variety of surfaces. Phoenix moss will attach itself to rocks or wood and form a round shaped dome. Due to the specific way it grows, it will always tend to have a very round shape. Most attempts at trimming the plant to create a different look will be futile.


Like many mosses, Phoenix moss tends to prefer acidic soft water to grow in. Ideal PH levels will be in a range of 6.0 to 8.0 but this Fissidens can survive more neutral levels.


Phoenix moss does best in low to moderate light environments. Exposing this plant to direct sun will cause it to dry out. When setting up lighting within an aquarium, a high level of brightness would be ideal. The tank should not be in direct sunlight and preferably away from any type of artificial light that produces UV. Aim for cooler color lights that replicate a cloudy day.

During the shipment, plant leaves/moss may incur a little defect, such as droop or flat. 
However, please don't worry about these conditions, in a suitable environment for plant living, plants/moss will be back to the normal status.
Plants/moss may contain snails.
Moss will be delivered in seal bag.



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