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Garnelenhaus Mironekuton Powder 300g - For clean aquariums

Garnelenhaus Mironekuton Powder 300g - For clean aquariums

Features & Advantages

  • 100% natural
  • Mineral powder from Japan
  • Improves microbiology
  • For well-being and health
  • With important minerals
  • With important trace elements


The mineral powder Mironekuton from Japan consists of 100% natural minerals and does not contain any additives. It is very popular with Japanese shrimp breeders and plant aquarists. If you are using a soil base, Mironekuton is particularly useful because it greatly improves important microbiology. The bacteria that break down pollutants, work more efficiently when they are well supplied with minerals, the water quality is better, and the system as a whole is more stable. The powder also ensures stable water values.


You add Mironekuton as a mineral additive and water conditioner during the running-in phase of your aquarium so that the important microorganisms can establish themselves properly in the filter and also in the soil. Mironekuton releases its minerals and trace elements slowly and evenly and thus ensures the mineral supply of your inhabitants in the aquarium and the useful little helpers such as filter bacteria and accompanying fauna - a great advantage over chemical or quickly soluble mineral additives.


Mironekuton also stabilises the pH value and thus prevents an undesirable and dangerous pH drop. It can support the soil's ability to exchange ions, improve plant growth and the formation of roots, support photosynthesis and thus the release of oxygen, and it stabilises overall hardness. Mironekuton also adsorbs dangerous pollutants, makes the water crystal clear and removes unpleasant odours.


Many successful Japanese breeders and aquascapers mix Mironekuton powder as an additive in the soil when setting up the aquarium. To do this, put a thin layer of soil in the empty aquarium, sprinkle a thin layer of Mironekuton over it and then pour the rest of the soil on top. After filling, sprinkle a pinch of Mironekuton powder on the water surface of the aquarium, which then spreads evenly when it sinks.


Mironekuton mineral powder can be used as a valuable mineral additive in home-made fish feed or shrimp feed. You can also use it to harden your rainwater, osmosis water, fully desalinated or partially desalinated water and at the same time eliminate pollutants.


Dosage in the aquarium:

  • A heaped measuring spoon (approx. 0.4 g) every 3 - 4 days in 10 litres of water.

Dosage for remineralisation:

  • 50 g Mironekuton to 10 litres of osmosis water raises the water values after 24 to 48 hours to approx. GH 4, kH 1-2, pH 7.4, conductance 75 µS.

Mironekuton is a natural product, so slight deviations are possible.


Our expert Oliver Knott recommends:

Developed in Japan and often successfully used by Japanese shrimp breeders, the mineral powder Mironekuton can add important minerals and vital trace elements to your aquarium, making the water pleasant for all aquarium inhabitants.


Bottle not included.

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