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Garnelenhaus Mironekuton Stones 300g - For clean aquariums

Garnelenhaus Mironekuton Stones 300g - For clean aquariums

Features & Advantages

  • 100% natural mineral stones from Japan improve the microbiology of the aquarium
  • For well-being and health
  • With important minerals
  • With important trace elements


The Mironekuton mineral stones come from Japan and consist of 100% natural minerals. They do not contain any artificial additives. Their diverse positive properties make them so popular with Japanese shrimp breeders and plant aquarists. Especially in an aquarium with a soil substrate, Mironekuton stones are extremely useful as a mineral deposit because they can support and improve the microbiology. The bacteria in the filter and in the substrate work more efficiently because they are constantly supplied with important minerals and trace elements. This increases the water quality and the system runs more stable overall.


Mironekuton stones release minerals and trace elements steadily and slowly. In this way, you ensure the mineral supply of your aquarium inhabitants as well as the useful little helpers in the microfauna. You can add the mineral stones as early as the start-up phase so that the pool is well supplied from the start.


The minerals released by the Mironekuton mineral stones stabilise the pH value and prevent dangerous pH drops. Not only can they improve the water quality, but they also support the ion exchange capacity of your aquarium soil. The plants grow healthier and develop stronger roots. Photosynthesis can also improve, which means that more oxygen is produced. Mironekuton adsorbs pollutants, removes unpleasant odours and can make the water crystal clear.


You simply place the Mironekuton mineral stones on the substrate of your aquarium. This allows the minerals to dissolve in the water, but they are also specifically grazed by the shrimp, snails and crabs in the aquarium. You can of course park the mineral depot in your filter basin or in the pot of your external filter.


Gradually, the outer layer of the stones dissolves in the water. If you want to distribute minerals in the aquarium in a targeted manner, you take the stone in your hand underwater and rub off this layer. If the particles bother you, briefly rinse the layer under the tap.

Dosage in the aquarium: 100-150 grams of Mironekuton mineral stones are added to 10 litres of water and refilled when they have dissolved.


The stones release the minerals into the water much more slowly than the powder, so the dosage in grams (g) differs from that of the powder.


Our expert Oliver Knott recommends:

Developed in Japan and often successfully used by Japanese shrimp breeders, the mineral powder Mironekuton can add important minerals and vital trace elements to your aquarium, making the water pleasant for all aquarium inhabitants.

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