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GlasGarten Environment Aquarium Soil, 9 liters

GlasGarten Environment Aquarium Soil, 9 liters

Environment Aquarium Soil


Natural, active soil for plant growing and soft water

Environment Aquarium Soil is an active substrate consisting of various fired and sterilised earths that was especially developed for aquarium use. It naturally lowers and stabilises the pH (depending on the parameters of the water you use, the pH will be lowered to 5.5 to 6.5) as well as water hardness and thus creates optimal conditions for softwater plants and animals in your tank.

The special properties of Environment Aquarium Soil make your water crystal clear. This soil is rich in natural nutrients providing your plants and mosses with everything they need to grow healthily and to develop lush colours. The fulvic acids contained in this substrate help create an optimal environment for plants, animals and microorganisms from day one.


Instructions of use

• Do not rinse before use
• Spread the substrate evenly, or create your individual layout
• Fill in water carefully and slowly

Note: In order to avoid upsetting the substrate when filling in water it is recommendable to use a small plate or something comparable to break the water stream


Hints and tips

• Environment Aquarium Soil is also suitable for use with undergravel filters
• The Powder Type is not suitable for this due to the small grain size
• Do not use if you plan on keeping fish that like to dig or burrow in the ground
• On fish like that, permanently turbid water might be the result
• Not suitable for fish, shrimps or plants that need a high pH
• A slight turbidity of the water after setting up the aquarium will cease after a short
• time given that the filter works properly, and the water will be crystal clear afterwards
• Keep the bag closed, prevent the substrate from drying out


Recommended soil height

• Minimun 4 cm

Content: 4 Liter - Bag
Color: black-brown
Grain size: Normal-Type 2 - 4 mm, Powder-Type 1 - 2 mm

Made in Japan

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