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GlasGarten Liquid Mineral GH+ 1000ml

GlasGarten Liquid Mineral GH+ 1000ml

Features & Advantages

  • For water treatment
  • Easy to use
  • For shrimp from soft water
  • For wellbeing and health
  • All important minerals
  • All important trace elements


With the liquid mineral salt GlasGarten Liquid Mineral GH + you can optimally prepare your osmosis water or the water from your demineraliser for all shrimps that need soft water. The mineral additive provides your aquarium water with a perfect mixture of essential minerals and trace elements and only increases the overall hardness.


Bee shrimp, bumblebee prawns, tiger prawns and others come from soft water biotopes in which the pH value is significantly below 7. In addition, the water is exceptionally clean. Also, farmed shrimp like their water soft and as free of pollution as possible, in particular, they tolerate almost no carbonate hardness.


The liquid mineral salt GlasGarten Liquid Mineral GH + gives you the opportunity to remineralise, i.e. salt, osmosis water, water from a full desalinator, rainwater and of course soft tap water for the needs of these great dwarf shrimps. Here only the total hardness is increased, the carbonate hardness remains unaffected.


The minerals and trace elements contained in GlasGarten Liquid Mineral GH + are optimised for keeping shrimps from soft water biotopes and support the formation of a healthy microflora in the aquarium, which helps to keep the water clean. In particular, the bacterial cultures in the filter and near the ground - where the shrimp prefer to stay - are optimised in their composition. In this way, healthy growth is formed, from which the shrimps can also feed optimally.


The formulation of GlasGarten Liquid Mineral GH + is based on a mineral mixture that has been tried and tested in Japan for a long time. In addition to the important microflora, it also promotes the well-being of the dwarf shrimp, which is expressed in splendid colours and good reproduction.

The water in the shrimp aquarium should have at least a GH (total hardness) of 5, ideally 6 ° dGH. With the conveniently dosed GlasGarten Liquid Mineral GH + you can easily achieve this. So there is always enough of the right minerals in the aquarium water. GlasGarten Liquid Mineral GH + does not affect the pH.


Ideal is the combination of GlasGarten Liquid Mineral GH + with an active soil that uses it, such as our "Environment Aquarium Soil". Thanks to its buffering capacity, the pH value remains stable below 7, and since this liquid mineral additive has no influence on the pH value, the soil retains its positive properties for a very long time.


To increase the total hardness in a litre of water by approximately 6 ° dH and the conductivity by approximately 280 µS (microsiemens), add 7 drops (approximately 0.47 ml) of GlasGarten Liquid Mineral GH + from the dropper bottle. The larger containers with 250 ml and 1000 ml do not come with a dropper but with a measuring cup. Here you dose 4.7 ml of Liquid Mineral GH + to 10 litres of aquarium water to increase the total hardness by 6 ° dH and the conductivity by approx. 280 microsiemens.


Contents: 1000 ml (bottle with measuring cup),


Form: Liquid water additive with minerals and trace elements
1000 ml is sufficient for approx. 2120 litres with a total hardness (GH) of 6 ° dGH.


Our expert Oliver Knott recommends:
The best thing to do in an aquarium for Bees and Caridina shrimp is to have a pH below 7. GlasGarten Liquid Mineral GH + does not directly influence the pH value, but since it contains no carbonate hardness, you can adjust it comfortably with alder cones, leaves or, of course, a humic preparation with the GlasGarten Liquid Humin +.

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