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GlasGarten – Mineral Junkie Bites 50g

GlasGarten – Mineral Junkie Bites 50g

SKU: GG Junkie50

Mineral Junkie Bites 50g


Supplementary feed for invertebrates (prawns, snails and crabs / crabs)

Minerals are vital for invertebrates in the aquarium, but they cannot be produced by the respective organism itself. With Mineral Junkie Bites you can supply your animals with all the important minerals. The bites contain both inorganically and organically bound minerals in order to avoid deficiency symptoms, which are often noticeable in shrimp and other crustaceans through molting problems, poor growth and high mortality rates in young animals.With Mineral Junkie Bites you can avoid pitting in the shell of snails , they grow better with sufficient mineral supply and build a uniform, strong snail shell.A sufficient mineral supply is a very important factor in the keeping and breeding of shrimp, crayfish, crabs and snails, they are literally "addicted" to these substances. All invertebrates have a so-called exoskeleton, which consists of minerals, among other things. However, minerals are also responsible for many more specific tasks in the organism, e.g. for stimulating muscles and nerves. It is well known that the color cells of dwarf shrimp (chromatophores) are coupled to muscles, so an optimal supplementation of minerals can have a positive effect on the species-specific coloring. Numerous hormonal processes are also not possible without minerals.In addition to minerals, Mineral Junkie Bites also contain useful vegetarian ingredients and herbal extracts with many secondary plant substances, for agile and healthy animals. It contains very little protein and fat, so that the water quality is hardly affected and you can also use the Mineral Junkie Bites very well as summer or weekend food. Feeding recommendation

• dwarf shrimp 1-2 bites daily for approx. 15 shrimp• Crabs / crabs 1-2 bites per day per crab / crab• snails 1 bite per day per 2-5 snails composition

Minerals, vegetable by-products, grain, herbal extractsAnalytical constituents4.04% crude protein, 0.62% crude fat, 0.68% crude fiber, 27.08% crude ashMineral Junkie Pearls is available in a resealable screw can of 50g or 100g.

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