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GlasGarten – Shrimp Baby Food 35g

GlasGarten – Shrimp Baby Food 35g

SKU: GG Baby35

Shrimp baby food 35g


Complete feed (rearing feed) for ornamental shrimp

Shrimp Baby Food is a high-protein rearing food for ornamental shrimp with zooplankton, natural vitamins, minerals and a high proportion of omega-3 fatty acids, so that young shrimps develop splendidly and have sufficient strength and energy for the numerous moults in the first few weeks. The proportion of 100 ppm astaxanthin, especially in red, yellow and orange shrimp, forms the color pigment cells well from the start, so that they can show themselves in full color.

Freshly hatched shrimp larvae require an extensive supply of nutrients from the first molt (from hatching to the first molt, there is no food intake, they are still supplied by the yolk sac).

Shrimp baby foodcontains all the proteins and amino acids that are urgently needed for healthy growth. Highly digestible carbohydrates and polyunsaturated fatty acids (PUFA) provide the necessary "shedding power". Selected algae, vegetables and herbs serve as vital substances suppliers. Green-lipped mussels are known for their high content of glycosaminoglycans, this substance is a very valuable building block for the structure of the shrimp shell. The built-in multivitamin mix ensures an extensive supply of vitamins and prevents deficiency symptoms. A concentrate of red calcareous algae, which contains over 50 minerals and trace elements, was used to provide essential minerals and trace elements.

Shrimp baby foodis a fully extruded product, this process guarantees very good digestibility and bioavailability of the feed nutrients. The powdery micro-granulation creates a fine "lawn" on the entire surface of the aquarium with each feeding. This is necessary because baby shrimp are mostly sessile at first, which means they usually stay in one place and the food has to come to them, otherwise they can starve to death.

Shrimp Baby Food is a carefully produced, fully extruded and 100% conglomerated powdered food.


Feeding recommendation (each to approx. 120 liters)

• at normal stocking density: 1x day 1 cup *
• at high stocking density: 2x a day 1 cup *

1 scoop corresponds to about 0.5 g
* scoops in each case is the food tin



Zooplankton, vegetable protein extracts, squid, omega-3 oil, river fleas, water fleas, white cabbage, spirulina, spinach, rosemary, Nannochloropsis algae, Moringa oleifera, minerals, yeast, green-lipped mussel, Artemia, lemon balm, chlorella algae, fennel, pollen

additives (per kg)
Nutritional additives: Vitamins, provitamins and chemically defined substances with a similar effect: 2,000 IU E 671 vitamin D3, 200 mg vitamin E, 250 mg vitamin C
Amino acids: 20 g L-lysine, 10 g L-threonine
Colorants: 100 mg astaxanthin

Analytical components
48% crude protein, 9% crude fat, 3.2% crude fiber, 12.3% crude ash, 5.5% moisture

Shrimp Baby Foodis available in a resealable screw jar of 38g and 76g each.
There is also a measuring spoon in the shrimp baby food can .
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