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GlasGarten Shrimp Dinner2 Pads

GlasGarten Shrimp Dinner2 Pads

The sinking GlasGarten Shrimp Dinner2 Pads are an ideal staple food for dwarf shrimp - they contain all the important vitamins and nutrients and ensure great colours and a good reproduction rate. Thanks to the predetermined breaking point, the shrimp feed is ideally portioned.


GlasGarten Shrimp Dinner2 Pads are a balanced complete feed for your shrimp. The tasty pads contain all the natural vitamins, minerals and nutrients that your shrimp need, and they taste really good too. GlasGarten uses only the best, 100% natural raw materials for the ShrimpDinner Pads.


The GlasGarten Shrimp Dinner2 Pads contain everything your shrimp need to grow and thrive. For invertebrates, feed plays a crucial role in ensuring that moulting runs smoothly, that shrimp develop great colours and, not least, that crawlers reproduce well.

GlasGarten Shrimp Dinner2 Pads do not disintegrate, and they taste delicious even if they have already been in the water. This means that your shrimp will fully utilise this shrimp feed. Nevertheless, pay attention to an adapted feeding! You should give 1-2 times a day as much as your shrimp can eat in a few hours. You can divide the food pads again at their predetermined breaking point and offer your shrimp smaller portions.


Chlorella algae, vegetable protein extracts, squid, fennel, yeast extracts, Asian cabbage vegetables, amino acids, algae extracts, lecithin, mustard seeds


Analytical components

  • 33.1% crude protein,
  • 2.3% crude fat,
  • 8.3% crude fibre,
  • 8.9% raw ash,
  • 6.9% moisture



35 g in a screw can
Shape: sinking pads (platelets)

Made in Germany


Our expert Oliver Knott recommends:
The GlasGarten shrimp food is very well thought out and its composition is designed precisely for what your dwarf shrimp need in the aquarium. But that's not enough ... the shrimp dinner pads are also extremely tasty - because what good is the best, healthiest food if nobody eats it?


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