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GlasGarten – Shrimp Snacks Snow Flakes Chard + Spinach

GlasGarten – Shrimp Snacks Snow Flakes Chard + Spinach


GlasGartenShrimp Snacks Snow Flakes, Chard-Spinach


Our GlasGarten Shrimp Snacks are a yummy treat for your shrimp, crayfish or snails.

The natural aromas of the different flavors of our GlasGarten Shrimp Snacks make shrimps and co. instantly curious and stimulate your appetite. The Shrimp Snacks offer vitamins, minerals, trace elements and much more, which are a great addition to the main feed for your animals.


Once on the ground, the GlasGarten Snow Flakes - Chard-Spinach Sticks disintegrate relatively quickly, so that every shrimp / snail / crayfish (and especially the smaller young animals) can get something without stress. A multitude of positive ingredients make the Shrimp Snacks - Snow Flakes Chard-Spinach a valuable snack for your aquarium inhabitants.


Shrimps and Co. find the Snow Flakes Chard-Spinach - Snacks simply irresistible. Organic soybean bran (soybean skin) is rich in vitamins, amino acids, trace elements and fiber, which with their prebiotic properties ensure good digestive regulation.


Feeding recommendation
0.5 cm of a stick for 10-15 Shrimp / 1-2 small Crayfish


Organic soy bran, chard (5%), spinach (5%), algae

Content: 30g
Form: Sticks

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