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Jack fruit leaves 10 per pack

Jack fruit leaves 10 per pack

Benefits of adding dried natural


Jack-fruit leaves in aquariums As well as providing a natural source of food for living plants and organisms, dried leaves contain tannins and humic acids, which leach into the soil when it rains. Tannins are what give blackwater rivers and stream their characteristic tea-color appearance and low pH value. Selective leaf litter can also provide additional benefits, including anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties, all of which support your substrate health. All the leaf litter Biome Exotics offers have been specifically selected to have these enhanced properties. Standard and readily available Oak, and Magnolia leaves can be mixed in to increase the organic matter when preparing your substrate mixture.

Reduces the risk of bacterial and fungal outbreaks,
Provides great natural cover and natural Hiding Spot for Fishes,
Enhances substrate biofilm,
Stimulates breeding,
Relieves stress,
Mildly reduces Ph
100% completely free from chemical residues,
Act as a Natural Anti-Inflammatory,
Prevents fungus forming on the eggs of fish,
Act as the addition of Trace Minerals

These tropical botanicals make a great addition to any aquarium with shrimp or fish, young or old. Killifish, Apistogramma, and other dwarf cichlids love them at 1 to 2 leaves per 10 gallons of aquarium volume. Like most other leaves it is recommended to boil them for a couple of minutes to help them sink faster in the aquarium.

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