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Pinto Black - Taiwan Bee

Pinto Black - Taiwan Bee

The color variation Taiwan Bee - Pinto Black is an intensely red colored shrimp (body color) with very nice white pattern / white stripes on the (mostly) abdomen. The patter itself of the white stripe pattern is a bit different with each Taiwan Bee - Pinto Red shrimp and is sometimes more, sometimes less flat.

The keeping of the Taiwan Bee - Pinto Black is similar to that of other Taiwan Bees and also to the Bee Shrimp / Red Bee, although the Taiwan Bee - Pinto Black Shrimps are not classic beginner shrimp but rather more demanding in terms of water quality and water values. At a temperature of 20-26 ° C, the pH should be slightly in the acidic range with low carbonate hardness.


Sizeup to 2,5 cm
Ageup to 2 years
Behaviourvery peaceful
Reproductionin fresh water, mostly uncomplicated
Temperature20 - 26 °C
pH5.5 - 7.0
Total hardnessup to 12° dGh
Carbonate hardnessup to 5° dKh
Aquarium sizefrom 10 l (we recommend from 20 l)
Difficultyfor beginners and advanced shrimp keepers
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