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Ramshorn snails, Puffer food, turtle food, Aquarium snails

Ramshorn snails, Puffer food, turtle food, Aquarium snails


25+ Various size and colours Ramshorn Snails.
(Perfect food for pufferfish or turtle)


A Ramshorn Snail is a common freshwater aquarium snail available these days. Sometimes hobbyists choose to purchase a Ramshorn Snail as a pet. Other hobbyists find Ramshorn Snails inadvertently making their way into tanks as pests. Ramshorn Snails can accidentally make its way into tanks attached to live plants as small snails or in egg clutches. Whether a Ramshorn Snail is considered a pet or pest depends on each individual hobbyist and the type of tank being kept.


Return policy:

Dead on arrival must be reported within 60 minutes after delivery, including photographic evidence in the unopened bag. I will also require another photographic on the white piece of paper.
Please note, I do not refund Postage charge under any circumstances. Refund will be replaced on next shipmen

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