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Riccia fluitans

Riccia fluitans

Riccia Fluitans Moss 10g "Crystalwort"




Riccia fluitans is a thallose liverwort that does very well in the aquarium, either as a floating plant or attached to rocks or wood where it will soon form a dense carpet under favourable conditions. The green thallus – without any distinction between stems, leaf, and root – is bright green and dichotomously branched (fork-like). This plant does best when given CO2 supplementation. When trying to create a carpet effect, use fishing line to tie the plant securely to the décor. Remember to prune regularly to keep it low growing and tidy, as new shoots will always try to grow towards the surface. 


Used as a floating plant, R. fluitans creates a great hiding place for tiny fry. 


Propagated by fragmentation of the thallus. 


Riccia fluitans, sometimes called Crystalwort, will need to be tied to a surface in the aquarium such as an ornament, rocks or driftwood. Once tied down, Java moss will attach itself and spread throughout the surface of the tank. 


Riccia fluitans is a fast-growing aquatic moss which does not require much light or co2 to grow. Tie it to any surface in your aquarium and it will grow throughout the aquarium. This attractive carpeting moss can easily be pruned if it begins to grow out of control. This is a great low maintenance, beginner aquarium plant.




Name: Riccia Fluitans

Family: Ricciaceae

Demands: Easy

Growth Rate: Medium

Height: 0.5-1cm

Light Requirements: Low-Very High

Temperature Range: 10-28C

Hardness: Very soft-hard

pH: 5.0-8.0





During the shipment, plant leaves/moss may incur a little defect, such as droop or flat. 

However, please don't worry about these conditions, in a suitable environment for plant living, plants/moss will be back to the normal status.

Plants/moss may contain snails.

Plant will be delivered in seal bag.



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