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Salty Shrimp Bee Mineral GH+ 3000g

Salty Shrimp Bee Mineral GH+ 3000g

Bee Shrimp Mineral GH + from SaltyShrimps


Bee Shrimp Mineral GH + has no direct influence on the pH.
For keeping and breeding a pH value of less than 7 is sought, which can be set at the beginning of the activity of the biodegradation processes.
If the pH value is higher, it can be influenced very easily with low carbonate hardness (KH) and, for example, with alder cones or peat (fulvic acid-containing), or lower pH-reducing agents.


Bee-Shrimp Mineral GH + was developed especially for the keeping and breeding of bee, bumblebee and tiger shrimps and hardens osmosis water, rainwater, demineralised water, etc. Bee-Shrimp Mineral GH + raises the total hardness (° dH), without appreciably affecting the carbonate hardness (KH), shrimps from soft water habitats feel comfortable (ratio KH / ° dH: 0,06 / 1,0)


Bee-Shrimp Mineral GH + contains all the important minerals and trace elements for health, color, a good growth rate and growth. Bee-Shrimp Mineral GH + promotes plant growth and microbial regeneration in biofilters. The danger of dangerous germs is also reduced by Bee-Shrimp Mineral GH + by promoting antagonistic (counteracting) microflora.


Mix the mineral salt (beehive salt) Bee-Shrimp Mineral GH + outside the aquarium in water. Bee-Shrimp Mineral GH + dissolves in a few seconds almost completely, then the water is ready for use. Unresolved particles should be added to the aquarium. Close the can after each use.


Harden osmosis water, rainwater, demineralized water, etc. with the mineral salt Bee-Shrimp Mineral GH + to approx. 6 ° dH and / or a conductance of approx. 200 +/- 50 μS (microsiemens), which corresponds to a slightly heaped measuring spoon (approx. 3 g) to 20 liters of water. Measuring spoon is included.

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