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Salty Shrimp Easy Filter Powder 120g

Salty Shrimp Easy Filter Powder 120g

Features & Advantages

  • Removes pollutants
  • Against chlorine
  • Against pesticides
  • Against heavy metals
  • Preventive of infections
  • Also suitable for saltwater aquariums and ponds


The natural Easy Filter Powder is highly effective and allows you to easily prepare a liquid filter medium yourself, with which you can clean and treat the water for your freshwater aquarium, saltwater tank or garden pond.


The Easy Filter Powder starts working immediately after the addition. While it is active, your aquarium water is cloudy. The filter powder physically removes pollutants such as heavy metals, pesticides, drug residues, chlorine and other chemicals by binding them. The powder then settles and the water is crystal clear again. In an aquarium in which you regularly use Easy Filter Powder, you should mulch the substrate while changing the water to partially remove any powder that has settled.


The shrimp have less stress when there are fewer pollutants and are therefore less susceptible to infection. You can also use the Easy Filter Powder, for example, to combat stress and transport damage in shrimp and fish, by adding a very small amount to the transport bag.


Salty Shrimp's Easy Filter Powder can store plant nutrients and acts as a controlled release for them. This can prevent algae plagues.


Easy Filter Powder is economical to use and therefore very economical. You only need half a gram for every 40 litres of aquarium water for preventive regular monthly maintenance or for the preparation of freshwater when changing the water every week. If the problem is acute, you can double or triple the amount without any negative effects. For example, even if you have treated your fish with a fish medication and need to remove the medication residue, you can work with twice or three times the amount.


The included measuring spoon makes dosing very easy. The measuring spoon mark 1 ml corresponds to approx. 0.5 g, the mark 2 ml approx. 1 g. Measure the necessary amount of Easy Filter Powder and put it in a glass with aquarium water. Stir well - you now have liquid filter medium! Now you just pour that into your aquarium. You can also store the filter media in a bottle, but shake it thoroughly for about 20 seconds before each use and then use the filter media immediately.


Contents: 60 g or 120 g (tin with screw cap)

A measuring spoon is included.



Powdered water additive

  • 60 g is sufficient for approx. 4800 l aquarium water
  • 120 g is sufficient for approx. 9600 l of aquarium water


Our expert Oliver Knott recommends:

Shrimps are very sensitive and susceptible to stress, but fish are also anything but good in the presence of various substances such as heavy metals or chlorine. With the SaltyShrimp Easy Filter

Powder, you can easily bind harmful substances in the aquarium water and render them harmless.



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