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SaltyBee gH+Basic 190g

SaltyBee gH+Basic 190g

SKU: SaltyBeeBasic

SaltyBee gH+Basic

Freshwater shrimp water conditioner


- Only increases the overall hardness

- Only slightly increases the carbonate hardness

- Use of pure salts only

- Free of nitrate and phosphate

- Contain all important and necessary trace elements and minerals

- Fast and almost residue-free solubility

- Does not change the pH

- Extends the life of an aquarium

- Supports moderate plant growth

- Has a retarding effect on algae growth


Dosage and application of SaltyBee gH + Basic


Do not combine with products from other brands, especially not with products that contain bacteria or fertilizers, if we do not expressly recommend this combination. The target concentration cannot be guaranteed if you change less water than recommended on a regular basis and do not add more salt. When more water than recommended is changed on a regular basis the target concentration will be exceeded. Should you not have changed water for a longer period of time you still will not need to change more water than recommended.


Important: We definitely advise against mixing the SaltyBee products with salts from other brands as we cannot fully exclude that the micronutrients contained in the SaltyBee salts are impaired by adverse reactions.


1.13g per 10 liters of de-ionized water will have:

a total hardness of around 5-6 °dH a conductivity of around 200 µS/cm


Please mix the fresh water and the salt outside of the aquarium add the undissolved salt particles to your tank this salt mixture has a high hygroscopicity, and the quality of the salt may

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