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SALTYBEE Shrimp AllTake 50g

SALTYBEE Shrimp AllTake 50g

SALTYBEE Shrimp AllTake 50g


Shrimp AllTake is a complete shrimp food. The well-being in the shrimp is promoted by probiotics and vital substances.

The lactic acid bacteria support the supply of nutrients to the intestines of invertebrates. This balanced combination of ingredients that contain lactic acid bacteria is unique and ensures that most reserves are regularly and actively supported.


SALTYBEE Shrimp AllTake Features:


Shrimp AllTake feed shrimps, crayfish and other invertebrates.


Ingredients: Invertebrates and crustaceans, vegetable leaves, wild herbs, fruits and fruit seeds, spices, algae, nannochloropsis, bee pollen, salmon oil, minerals.


1-2 sticks daily for 15-20 shrimps.

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