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Shrimps Forever Biopowder, mix of good bacteria and minerals

Shrimps Forever Biopowder, mix of good bacteria and minerals

Shrimps Forever biopowder


Shrimps Forever biopowder is a mix of good bacteria and minerals witch takes care of the growth of microbacteria in new and existing aquaria. (Young) shrimp eat these microbacteria, which are a crucial part of their diet. By allowing these microbacteria to grow well and maintaining them, the shrimp always have enough natural food at their disposal which benefits the survival rate.

More and more aquaria are being set-up with the addition of biopowder. During the cycling period a white fungus becomes visible which actually are the grown bacteria. Also by adding the biopowder good nitrifying bacteria are added which support good water quality. Besides, after adding the shrimp to their new tank they have enough natural food ad their disposal voor good growth and breeding.

Since Shrimps Forever biopowder helps the naturally occuring microbacteria to grow it will never pollute the water. These bacteria normally live in the water already, but only in small amounts. So, by using biopowder, water pollution will be prevented and waste products remain low. As a result the shrimp will feel more comfortable which stimulates colouration and breeding.

Shrimps Forever biopowder is comparable to SL-Aqua Vitality.


Ingredients and dosage

Micro-bacteria, minerals and grains. Add biopowder to a new aquarium, scatter over the soil before filling with water. Add half a jar of biopowder per 100 liters of water. This ensures the growth of mycelium (good fungus) that serves as food for shrimps. Add shrimp after + - 4 weeks of cycling. Then add 1 scoop (included) for every 100 liters of water, every day.


Content: 50 grams in the form of powder

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