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Shrimps Forever Liquid GH+

Shrimps Forever Liquid GH+

Shrimps Forever liquid GH+


Shrimps Forever liquid GH+ is used to add to osmosis and/or rainwater so you get the right minerals and water parameters for Caridina shrimp. Just adds GH without increasing the KH or affect the pH.

In addition to the essential minerals, a minimal amount of calcium has been added to build a strong and thick armor. Shrimps Forever liquid GH+ contains all the essential minerals shrimps need for growth, moulting and building up the armor.




Use 5 milliliters per 10 liters of osmosis and/or rainwater to bring the GH to +- 5 with a conductivity of +- 200 microsiemens. 1 bottle of liquid GH + contains 130 milliliters and is sufficient for 260 liters of water. Including drip cap (20 drops is about 1 milliliter).

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