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Shrimps Forever Minera

Shrimps Forever Minera

Shrimps Forever minera


Shrimps Forever minera is a mix of essential macro-elements and minerals that shrimp require in little amounts. These macro-elements and minerals support the moult, build up the armor, etc. Minera ensures that the overall water quality for shrimp is improved, so that problems and diseases due to shortcomings are prevented.


The bacterial activity of both shrimp and plants will be improved by the addition of extra macro elements and minerals. This will increase the activity of both shrimp and aquarium plants.


Shrimps Forever minera is a similar product to BorneoWild minerum.




Use 1-2 drops per 30 liters of aquarium water on a daily basis.


Content: 50 milliliters


Shrimps Forever minera can slightly raise the pH and conductivity, but this is almost immeasurable.

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