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Shrimps Forever Neocaridina/Tiger Box

Shrimps Forever Neocaridina/Tiger Box

Shrimps Forever Neocaridina/tiger box


With the Shrimps Forever Neocaridina/tiger box you have everything you need for breeding and keeping Neocaridina/tiger shrimp in one box. This box contains different types of food, minerals and additives. This package contains:


Daily feed, 20 grams. Daily feed is 100% natural shrimp feed with extra vitamins. This shrimp feed is complete and suitable for daily use. Daily feed contains additional vitamins and fibers for good digestion and color development.


Biopowder, 20 grams. Biopowder is a mix of good bacteria and minerals which support the growth of microbacteria in new and existing aquaria. (Young) shrimp eat these microbacteria, which are a crucial part of their diet.


Probacter, 50 milliliters. ProBacter filter bacteria contains millions of live filter bacteria that shorten your aquarium startup period and accelerate the natural balance in the aquarium. These filter bacteria convert the waste into nitrates so that aquarium plants can absorb them.


Shrimp trace, 50 milliliters. Shrimp trace contains trace elements and minerals that originally do not occur in water, but which shrimp need in small amounts. Therefore, shrimp trace helps to support many metabolic processes, and enzyme production.


GH/KH+ mineral powder, 40 grams. GH/KH+ mineral powder is specially developed to mineralise osmoses and/or rainwater again and prepare the water for Neocaridina/tiger shrimp such as red Cherry shrimp and tangerine tiger shrimp. Shrimps Forever GH/KH+ mineral powder increases the total hardness (° dGH) and carbonate hardness (KH) at a riatio of ° dGH / KH: 1.0 / 0.5. Increases pH value to +- 7.


With the Neocaridina/tiger box you have everything you need and you can immediately try out a number of products from the wide range of Shrimps Forever products!

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