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Shrimps Forever Shrimp Lollie Mineral

Shrimps Forever Shrimp Lollie Mineral

Shrimps forever shrimp lolly mineral


The shrimp lolly mineral coming from Shrimps forever is an entire new product on the market. Shrimps forever is the first producer who brings a mineral lolly on the market. After many tests the lolly is suitable enough for long lasting use in aquaria.

The minerals which have been used for these shrimp lolly’s are 100% pure and natural. Because the minerals are placed on these lolly’s, the minerals are available for shrimps for a long time. Shrimps are going to gather on the lolly to graze on the minerals. Consuming small amounts of minerals will support the moult and the shrimps will built up a strong armor. Besides that, the minerals and trace elements will cause an optimally support of the colouring of the armor beacaue it increases the production of pigment.

Besides the support of different prosesses with shrimps, these sticks will contribute to the purification of the aquariumwater. By adding negative loaded clayminerals, the pollution will be bounded so that this can’t be a risk for your shrimps anymore. Also, waste levels (NH/NO) will be reduced by the minerals. All together, the shrimp lolly mineral from Shrimps Forever forms a healthy and usefull snack for your shrimps. This product won’t influence the gH, kH or the pH value.


Minerals, trace elements


The mineral lolly’s are meant to be as weekly suplementary feed. Use about 1 lolly for 50 shrimps. Leave the stick untill the white part is disappeared.

Content: 10 pieces (15 grams of feed)

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