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Shrimps Forever Shrimp Lollie Walnut

Shrimps Forever Shrimp Lollie Walnut

Shrimps forever shrimp lollie walnut


Shrimps forever shrimp lollipops walnut are made of 100% pure walnut leaves which are very healthy for your shrimp. These lollipops can be used as supplementary feed and fit well in the diet of all shrimp. Due to the high content of fibres in walnut leaves the intestinal tract is stimulated and more nutrients are absorbed.

Walnut leaves are also rich in tannins which have an anti-bacterial effect  and thus contribute to the prevention of diseases and increasing stress. 

Shrimp like to gather all on the lollipop. You easily can stick the lollipop into the aquarium after which the shrimp all will gather on it. Very funny to see and a good way to  check your shrimp.


100% walnut leaves, proteins


Use this feed as additional shrimp feed. Approximately 1 lollipop per 50 shrimp. You can give a lollipop 2 - 3 times per week. It can remain in the aquarium until the food share has been eaten of the lollipop.

Content: 10 pieces (15 grams of food)

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