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Shrimps Forever Snowflakes, high quality snowflakes

Shrimps Forever Snowflakes, high quality snowflakes

Shrimps forever snowflakes


Shrimps forever snowflakes are high quality snowflakes that are extremely nutritious for shrimps. Snowflakes are made of soybean peels and are a real nutritious shrimp snack. The soybean peel is very rich in protein, which helps to support shrimp cell construction and growth.

In addition to direct shrimp nutrition, the snowflakes also provide enough food for shrimp for a long time. The snowflakes that are not eaten immediately serve as growth medium to the growth of a fungus: Mycelia. This fungus grows in the aquarium and is very nutritious. (Young) shrimp are searching for food in the aquarium all day, and the Mycelia fungus is very nutritious for shrimp. In addition, the fungus is also rich in good amino acids, fats, fibers and enzymes.

Snowflakes do not have to bee removed from the aquarium and do not cause contamination.



100% soybean peels.



Sticks fall apart after feeding into the aquarium. 1 Stick is sufficient for +- 20 shrimps. Food residues do not need to be removed.


Content: 50 or 200 grams in the form of sticks.

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