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Shrimps Forever Spinach, high-quality spinach shrimp feed

Shrimps Forever Spinach, high-quality spinach shrimp feed

Shrimps forever spinach

Shrimps Forever Spinachis high-quality spinach shrimp feed that is full of good vitamins, minerals and silicates. The feed is made of high quality, 100% natural spinach so you are always sure of the best quality shrimp feed. In addition to the main ingredient of spinach, other ingredients have also been added so that the feed also supports other important aspects such as the imuun system and the moulting.

Spinach is rich in silicates and minerals. These ensure that the shrimp can build a good and thick armor and grow well. In addition, spinach is rich in fiber which provides a good support for the digestive system.


Shrimps forever Spinach is suitable for both shrimp and bottomfish.



Spinach, soya, fishmeal, spirulina algae, mineral premix, vitamin premix, vitamin B complex.



Use this feed as a supplementary shrimp feed. Feed about 2 to 3 times a week what the shrimp eat in two hours.

Content: 30 grams in the form of sticks.

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