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Shrimps Forever Tapfix

Shrimps Forever Tapfix

Shrimps Forever Tapfix


Shrimps Forever Tapfix is a liquid mixture of natural minerals that filters out chlorine and heavy metals from the water. By default, our tap water has a low content of chlorine and heavy metals. However, these substances do not belong in the aquarium.

Tapfix contains negatively charged minerals that ensure the bonding of heavy metals and chlorine. Because of the fact that chlorine and heavy metals are bound, these will not permanently endanger your animals.


In addition to the purifying effect, Tapfix removes nasty odors from the water.




Add 1 milliliter of Tapfix per 10 liters of water during the water change. 1 bottle of tapfix contains 130 milliliters and is sufficient for 1300 liters of water. Including drop cap (20 drops is about 1 milliliter).

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