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Shrimps Forever White, additional shrimp feed

Shrimps Forever White, additional shrimp feed

Shrimps Forever white


Shrimps Forever white is an additional shrimp feed which is used to strengthen the white coloration of shrimp. The addition of natural minerals increases pigmentation which intensifies the color coverage. This process starts already at a very young age by which the shrimp make more pigment by natural growth. This will develop a deeper, more intense white coloration. This process happens in a 100% natural way.

Shrimps Forever white is also very rich in amino acids and enzymes which benefits the growth and cell division. This will support healthy development and prevent malformations.

The high level of minerals and silicates in Shrimps Forever white also ensures a good support during moulting. This will prevent moulting problems and the shrimp will have enough minerals at their disposal for developing a strong shell. This is a comparable product to Biomax white pellet.


Ingredients and dosage

Calcium, montmorillonite, soy been flour, vegetable by-products and proteins, amino acids, macro-elements and minerals with vitamin B-complex.

Feed as much as the shrimp can eat within 2 hours. Feed approximately 2 times a week in alternation with other shrimp feed.


Content: 30 grams in the form of sticks.

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