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SL-Aqua GH+ Conditioner For Bee Shrimp

SL-Aqua GH+ Conditioner For Bee Shrimp

SL-aqua GH Conditioner for Bee Shrimp


SL-aqua GH Conditioner for Caridina shrimps contains all essential minerals and elements for the successful keeping and breeding of Caridina shrimps. This product increases the GH value of soft water, osmosis water and rainwater and has no influence on the KH and pH value.

This creates the ideal water parameters ​​for Caridina shrimp that prefer soft and slightly acidic water. In combination with a pH lowering soil, stable water parameters ​​are created where you can keep and breed Caridina shrimp such as Crystal red / black, Taiwan bee and Pinto shrimp. The minerals also ensure trouble-free moulting and a strong shell for the shrimp. In addition, the right micro elements ensure optimum growth and coloring of your shrimp. Increases the survival rate of young, newborn shrimp.


The GH Conditioner from SL-aqua also supplies the aquarium plants with minerals through which sturdy and healthy plants are realized. These plants ensure a natural balance in the aquarium and ensure the absorption of waste from the water.



Add 1 milliliter to 10 liters of soft water, osmosis water, rain water to increase the GH by 1 point. 1 pump is approximately 2 milliliters. Mix outside the aquarium before adding it to the aquarium.


Content: 250 milliliters.

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