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SL-Aqua GH+ Conditioner For Sulawesi Shrimp

SL-Aqua GH+ Conditioner For Sulawesi Shrimp

SL-aqua GH conditioner for Sulawesi shrimp


SL-aqua GH conditioner has been specially developed to increase the GH in aquariums with a neutral to alkaline pH, such as in aquariums with sulawesi shrimp and fish. By using SL-aqua GH conditioner, the gH can be increased without further affecting the kH and pH. Essential minerals are also added for shrimp and fish such as Sulawesi shrimp, Arowana, African Cichlids, Guppys, Goldfish, etc.


The addition of these essential minerals stimulates the natural color pigment in the shrimp and fish, improving the overall color coverage in a natural way. In addition, the added minerals such as calcium and magnesium make it easier for shrimp to moult. This results in a higher survival rate for young shrimps and more young shrimp that will grow up.


The SL-aqua GH conditioner for Sulawesi shrimp also provides the aquarium plants in the aquarium with minerals, so that sturdy plants are realized. These plants provide a natural balance in the aquarium and ensure the absorption of waste products from the water.



Add 1 milliliter to 10 liters of soft water, osmosis water, rainwater to increase the GH by 1 point. 1 pump is approximately 2 milliliters. Mix outside the aquarium before adding to the aquarium.


Content: 250 milliliters.

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