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SL-aqua KH builder

SL-aqua KH builder

SL-aqua KH builder


SL-aqua KH builder is a unique formula consisting of carbonate minerals, calcium, potassium, sodium, magnesium and macro elements. With KH builder the KH can be increased easily and naturally. Prevents dangerous pH drops.


The minerals in the aquarium water play an important role in osmotic pressure maintenance, pigmentation and hormone excretion. Calcium is an essential component of the exoskeleton, Magnesium is an stimulater of the metabolism, Sodium and Potassium maintain osmotic pressure.


This product contains a unique formula which can reduce the oscillation during water changes. The high quality minerals and electrolytes prevent the pH from dropping or changing sharply. Various essential minerals will support the shrimp moulting and improve the metabolism. High quality trace elements can increase pigmentation, which will brighten the natural color of the shrimps.


  • Measure the KH value in the tank correctly before using
  • 2mL in 10 liters of water will raise the °dH by 2
  • If overused, please add RO water into tank to dilute
  • Full cap: 10mL

Caution: Raising KH level will raise pH level too


Content: 250ml

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