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SL-aqua magic powder, growth of good bacteria and micro-organisms

SL-aqua magic powder, growth of good bacteria and micro-organisms

SL-aqua magic powder


SL-aqua magic powder ensures the addition and growth of good bacteria, enzymes and micro-organisms. This creates a biofilm in the aquarium which serves as long-term food for both young and adult shrimp. Since this biofilm is present in the entire aquarium, shrimps always have enough to eat, which increases the survival rate.


SL-aqua magic powder is also often used from the first day the aquarium is started. The bacterial balance in the aquarium is then established more quickly, which ensures optimum water quality and rapid conversion of waste. Magic powder also ensures the growth of a thick biofilm and mycelia (known from the white fungus / algae). These immediately serve as food after adding the shrimp which ensures a fast start!


Magic powder also contains a high content of filter bacteria which ensure optimal conversion of waste products and maintain the natural balance in the aquarium. These bacteria also ensure a quick start of the aquarium. Besides this the filter bacteria maintain the level of bacteria in the filter and bottom.



When starting a new aquarium you can sprinkle a little powder over the bottom of the aquarium before adding the water. Then use a small amount and spread is evenly over the water surface of your aquarium.


For maintenance of the biofilm and bacterial balance you can add a pinch of powder per 50 liters of water twice a week.

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